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Facebook Group

Our private mens only Facebook group, Bottled Up Blokes, provides a safe non judgmental welcome place to open up about your mental health, how you’re feeling or just to get things off your chest.


For extra comfort we have the option of being able to post anonymously.

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Bottled Up Blokes! Opened Up Podcast

In our podcast, Bottled Up Blokes! Opened Up we aim to spread awareness regarding mental health and try to show people that it’s ok to feel low and to talk about it. 

We try to get guests on to share their stories about their own mental health struggles, addictions and life challenges. 

By doing this we hope that someones story may resonate with another person so they get the help they may need.

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Football Sessions

From April 24th 2023 every Monday 7:00pm – 8:00pm we will be holding weekly football sessions at Tibshelf Community School in Derbyshire. 

These sessions will be a small sided game between 2 teams who will be lead by that weeks BUB Captains. 

The idea of this is to get men socialising, laughing and exercising to help both their physical and mental health.

Peer Support Group

Every Thursday at 7:30pm we run a mens only face to face support group at the church hall in South Normanton.

We try to make it a non structured relaxed session where we have serious conversations mixed in with light hearted moments. 

Our aim is that every that attends feels better on the way out than on the way in.

Additional Support

In addition we have a Twitter account which can be used to interact and is open for direct messages to all.

We have a WhatsApp group with around 30 members who support each other all day every day. This is invite only to keep it manageable.

If you feel you may need support please email and we will try to assist.

If you would like to support Bottled Up Blokes so that we can continue to host weekly peer sessions then please feel free to donate a small amount to us via