About Us

We're a group of men who's come together to support other men.

As someone who suffers with depression himself Tim Cox created Bottled Up Blokes to try and help men open up about their mental health, addictions and other life struggles on a safe, non judgemental platform. 

From starting the Bottled Up Blokes private Facebook group we have tried to spread more awareness and offer further support by opening a twitter account, having a small WhatsApp group, doing a podcast and hosting weekly mens support groups at the local church hall in South Normanton which we call BUB HUBs

In April 2023 we starting to host weekly football sessions at Tibshelf Community School. These are to help men with their physical and mental health.

Bottled Up Blokes teamed up with Nottingham Forest Community Trust in June 2023 and have started holding weekly BUB HUBs in Hucknall. We hope to open more BUB HUBs in Nottingham and the surrounding areas in the coming months.

A partnership between Bottled Up Blokes and Let’s Be Frank was announced in June 2023. Let’s Be Frank are a podcast dedicated to mens mental health and are growing at a rapid rate.

As we don’t have any mental health qualifications we offer support based on our own personal experiences and will signpost people to the relevant support services if required.

We have been actively trying to promote Bottled Up Blokes having been on BBC Radio Derby, BBC East Midlands Today and have also been interviewed by BolsoverTV (Video below).

We hope in the future that the we may be able to open more Bottled Up Blokes weekly support groups in different areas, that the football sessions will go from strength to strength and that the Let’s Be Frank podcast will continue to reach more men.

Matt and John have joined the Bottled Up Blokes team. Helping with running the weekly group sessions and the organising of Bottled Up Blokes.

Our Mission

To raise awareness and help to end the stigma surrounding men and mental health.

“If we only help one person then that's a win”

Bottled Up Blokes Founder Tim Cox