Peer Support Groups

Come and have a chat

 Each week Bottled Up Blokes hold 2 peer to peer support groups for men, which we call BUB HUBs. On a Tuesday there is a group at The John Godber Centre in Hucknall from 7pm-9pm and on a Thursday in South Normanton at St Michaels Church Hall from 7pm-10pm. Starting on Wednesday 12th June from 7pm we are opening a Notts City BUB HUB at the Portland Centre in Nottingham.



We try to make the sessions as relaxed as possible by not having a strict structure. Our main aim is for people to have the opportunity to talk if they wish. During these sessions there are serious discussions and also light hearted subjects.



We hope that people feel better walking out the door than they did walking in through it. The discussions that are had in the room are confidential and stay in the room.



Every so often we will have guest speakers who will attend before the normal group session. From people in suicide prevention to therapist and counsellors.



Refreshments are provided.



The Hucknall BUB HUB is in partnership Nottingham Forest Community Trust.

“Good night tonight. Nice to meet people with similar challenges listening to so many reflections. Left feeling more positive”

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